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CHNR Weekly Wrap 04.26 - 05.02.20

Updated: May 3, 2020

It's an exciting week! Climbing Gyms in certain places across the country are making plans to re-open their facilities (with mixed responses)! Masked route setters are starting to post videos of boulders and mega routes going up on their socials. Meanwhile the Home Wall climbing community is more active than ever with daily news on socials of plywood and holds going up to keep the stoke high!

Here's what is new this week in the realm of Climbing Holds, Macros, Volumes and Training Equipment!


The focus this week on new hold companies is a variety of new Wooden hold producers but a few heavy hitting plastic companies as well.

  • Zinger Grips

@zingergrips is a new hold company based out of Memphis, TN and is releasing their first line the Lunar line of holds via Vertical Solutions / Proxy. The Lunar line is a combination of pinches, edges, crimps, pockets, slopers and a few larger features that we are very excited about. These guys are new to the game but their first line appears solid. We are really hoping this is what it feels like to climb on the moon - well maybe someday... Word on the street is that we'll be bringing you a review of these holds soon!

  • Upah Climbing Holds

@upah_holds is a new climbing brand based in Portugal which specialized in designing and manufacturing polyurethane holds. They have hit the ground running with a few interesting new families including the Mongo family which includes crimps, slopers and jugs with a smooth left or right handed thumb catch on the side of each holds. Also coming soon is the Foldz family which features huecos, pockets, half moon holds and big sloppy feet which is designed after fabric folding on itself! If we can get these holds from Portugal you'll be seeing a review in the future!

  • Quarantine Climbing

@quarantine_climbing is a duo of routesetters from the Southwest region of the US that is putting this COVID-19 quarantine to good use; creating holds of the same name. Damn, we wish we thought of that. There are a lot of new wooden hold companies but what sets QC apart? Their initial offerings are wooden holds and volumes with a sick radiation symbol. They also are branching out with build out campus board and climbing wall plans as well as training programs. A review is coming, so stay tuned!


  • So ill

@soill has officially released their new LEV3L fiberglass macros shaped by Jason Kehl. These are the largest holds in the Level family (which is the newest family of holds they have released), and are designed to be mirrored to create a 90 degree surface when used together at each angle.

  • Mimic Holds

@mimicholds is owned and operated by Clayton and Cole Hardacre, using 3D scanning and 3D printing to replicate real outdoor rock climbs. The two brothers founded the company in 2018 and have developed technologies that use the 3D printing approach to meet the quality standards of modern climbing holds. A select number of sets are available now at, with many more available soon, including an exclusive review by CHNR!

  • Endure Climbing

@endureclimbing is a small batch hold company based out of Richmond, VA. They first caught our attention last year when their debut family the Slabbers were featured in a local gym competition at Peak Experiences . Since then they have expanded their hold families to include a stackable Teacup set and classic Knob shapes. They have also recently released a couple sets targeted at getting home wallers attention with the aptly named Meddlers and Vanguards. Stay tuned, you're gonna see them on CHNR soon.

  • Decoy Holds

@decoyholds is one the most innovative hold companies with interesting naturally inspired artistic shapes. Their most recent family, the Rollies, features comfy round radius scoops which have been specifically designed to eliminate thumb catches on the bolts. The latest holds in the family are the 2Tex Rollie Stumps - pictured here is set B which means lucky enough for us there is a set A. The Stumps are screw on only which will allow them to go anywhere which also eliminates any possibility of annoying bolt hold thumb catches. No cheating with these holds. We've got several reviews coming so strap on your boots.


  • Petra Holds

@petraholds is a very unique company. They create handmade training equipment, wooden holds, stone holds and you can just tell the craftsmanship is elevated. They recently sent us the aptly named Skin Farmrz for review which are stone edged crimps to help get you ready for the outdoors. You know, when the COVID-19 Quarantine is lifted... Website coming soon, until then email

  • GPR Presas Climbing Holds

@gprpresas is a Spanish hold company which has recently developed a new LED training board called the On Sight board which has been shaped by owner of GPR Presas Fransisco Dura. We love seeing more training boards coming out, especially right now with so many new home walls going up. This one looks like a mix to us between the Moon Board and something a little easier and more finger friendly for us non-super mutants.

Thanks for joining us as always! See you next week and stay psyched!

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