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CHNR Weekly Wrap 04.18 - 04.25.20

The climbing hold industry is at a very interesting point right now with COVID-19 and some would say it's been flipped on its head. For example : who would have ever thought that hangboards would be the hottest and most sought after items on the market. With this being said, there are still plenty of new and exciting developments on the way. Who would have also thought thousands of new homewalls would go up across the world?

CHNR is starting a weekly wrap where we will bring you the most up to date summary of climbing holds all in one location for you to enjoy. We hope you love this as much as we do.


There are quite a few new companies emerging from this Covid-19 quarantine and they look like they are here to stay.

  • Robinhood Climbing Co.

@robinhood_climbing_co came to play - with their first lines by shaper Andy Nelson of Method Grips and many other companies, and the shaping experience shows. Their Homewall pack in particular got our attention right away with a reasonable price tag for 50 holds that includes 10 jugs, 10 edges, 5 slopers, 5 pinches and 10 feet with a cool tear drop aesthetic. The other lines include the Webs which are positive holds with a thumb catch web design, the Wimples which are super positive ear-like holds and a more advanced / difficult screw-on line. Word on the street is we will be reviewing at least one of their lines, so stay tuned for that! A website is in the works, but in the mean time check them out on their FB page / IG handle listed above.

  • Post Holds / Hold Emporium

@postholds was formerly Ontoro Climbing based out of Ontario, Canada which is marketed / distributed under the umbrella of @holdemporium and they are focused on making unique contributions (see below in the Training Equipment section) to the climbing community. Also pictured is their new Roof Jug set (top right) and the 25 hold starter kit (bottom left) perfect for new homewall owners and the 20 hold advanced kit (bottom right).

  • Anti Gravity (AG) Holds

@agholds is a Climbing Hold company which is creating climbing holds, macros and volumes, designed and produced in Ningbo, China. They are pouring in a polyurethane both full texture / dual texture in similar quality to Aragon and if the initial shapes are anything like the full catalog they sent us, there is a lot to get excited about. Stay tuned because this is a name to watch which we think will be on the international scene very soon.


  • Menagerie Climbing

@menagerieclimb is releasing state of the art wooden volumes in partnership with @bloczclimbing / @bloczdistribution. These volumes have been designed in 3D and many have been designed to be mirrored in production. Contact @bloczdistribution and to learn more.

  • Kilter Climbing Grips and Urban Plastix

@kiltergrips and @urbanplastix have released a slew of new grips! They are expanding their already classic Granite Complex line with several more new Incuts, Pinches and Features as well as a small expansion to the Brushed Sandstone, and UP is adding in some deep pockets and ditches.

Check out the following lines:

1. XL Granite Complex Blocky Incuts set #9.

2. XL Granite Complex Blocky Pinches set #10.

3. 2XL Granite Complex Slopey Pinches set#6.

4. Small Granite Complex Incuts set#3.

5. M Brushed Sandstone Pinches set#18.

6. 7 x 10 foot Kilter Board (photos coming soon).

6. UP M Regular Pinches set#10.

7. UP L Regular Pockets set#3.

8. UP 2XL Ditches Big Slots set#1

Can’t wait to see these on the walls of our climbing gyms soon!

We also received more information about the new homewall sized Kilter Board - it will be 7 x 10 feet but is a nested layout from the larger boards yet fits on smaller walls. It is designed to work well on Grasshopper's adjustable Ninja Board and Lemur Wall Design's upcoming crossfit-cage mounted frame.

Check them out on the webpage to learn more about each of these sets:

  • Splitter Climbing Holds

@splitterclimbing based out of Salt Lake City, UT is known for their wooden Crack Trainer volumes, but has recently expanded into the area of climbing holds via Vertical Solutions / Proxy. Their initial offerings are simple but basic classic shapes - the Pure Cobbles (yellow) which are made to mimic the excellent cobbles of Maple Canyon climbing, Fractured Edges which are mimicking granite holds ranging from incut to slopers (green) and the Geo Edges (black) which are sleek shapes that will compliment routesetting with volumes very well.

  • Satellite Climbing

@satellite_climbingapp is releasing the Satellite Mini Board which appears to be a highly ergonomic systems board with challenging holds. It also works with the newly designed Satellite Climbing App. Lucky for us hold set will be available for international deliveries. @satellite_climbingapp is being distributed by Enrico Baistrocchi through @solostileclimbinglab in the US.

  • Wataaah! Climbing Holds

Speaking of @solostileclimbing lab, they are also distributing German brand Wataaah! which has just released their brand new systems sets designed just for home walls, the Dojo Training Sets. This is a series of dual texture holds designed to be used on overhanging walls 20 - 45 degrees featuring ergonomic crimps / edges / pinches / feet, a fine texture suited for training which are attachable via wood screws.

  • Unleashed Climbing

Shaper Will Watkins of @unleashedclimbing has been very busy in Australia during this Quarantine. He has shaped this set of edges in full texture and dual texture with the cleverly named Boarderline set (in purple) and the Dual Texture featuring edges of different sizes designed to get you strong on your home wall.


  • Thrill Seeker Holds

@thrillseekerholds will be releasing the aptly named Titans which are dual texture competition holds shaped by Dario Stefanou of @ibexclimbingholds . They are a natural progression from the debut Obsidian line which CHNR featured on our YouTube page. These sleek dual texture holds are for pinching and have subtle circular texture points for thumb catches in all the right places. You will also be seeing a review of the Titans this summer right here on CHNR.


  • Post Holds / Hold Emporium

@postholds has developed an innovative way to train pinches with their new MagPinch training system. This pinch system can be configured magnetically to be anywhere from 1 inch to a 5 inch wide grip. They can be attached to weights or a door frame so there are plenty of options to get strong. A full tutorial is available on their YouTube channel. CHNR is scheduled to bring you a review of this and other innovative products from them so stay tuned.

  • Hardwood Hangboards / Wood Mountain Co.

@hardwoodhangboards is a new company from Golden, CO that has exploded onto the Hangboard scene with their hand machined variety of boards from the Small Boards (pictured left) and the Medium Board (bottom right) as well as huge custom made hangboards such as the one in the upper right. These things are works of art and you can expect to see a review from CHNR following our recent hangboard giveaway, very soon.

  • 360 Holds

@360holds has released their new customizable hangboard is made from wood using polyurethane holds such as slopers, crimps, edges and jugs. It comes with 9 holds and 7 which are fully customizable can be moved or rotated to any position (all except the jugs). It is available in 16 different colors and we presume @premiumclimbingholds will be distributing for @360holds in the US.

  • Rockstar Volumes

The Pinch Hangblock is a versatile and portable piece of wood that has been designed by @rockstarvolumes to be used in lifting and one arm hangs as well as two arm hands with two of them. It can also be attached to a cable machine or your legs for resistance pulling. It features various lengths for pinching (narrow, medium, wide and extra wide) and also is configurable with edges and a jug built into the design. Also these guys get HUGE bonus points for converting a large portion of their factory into Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our medical personnel. Kudos @rockstarvolumes!

Well that's it folks, thanks for joining us on this weekly wrap. If we missed anything or if you represent a climbing company that would like to be featured by CHNR please email us at

There's plenty to come so stay psyched!

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