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CHNR Monthly Wrap - January 2022

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

2021 is OVER and we are about as psyched to leave it behind as can be. The world of climbing holds, macros, volumes and training equipment is expanding / evolving faster than it ever has. We are PSYCHED to bring back the highly acclaimed CHNR Monthly Wrap and will now be bringing you the latest new climbing holds / training equipment like only we can do. We will also be continuing to announce and bring you exclusive reviews from top brands tested by other routesetters on our exclusive new @kumikiclimbing / @everlastclimbing walls walls with adjustable angles. Stay tuned!


@thrillseekerholds released the Obsidian Macros which consist of 10 dual texture Fiberglass large shapes from the mind of Dario Stefanou of @ibexclimbingholds. They are a natural progression from the debut Obsidian line which CHNR featured previously with sleek but blocky shapes with smooth comfortable textured surface for the hands. They are also the matte dual texture that TS and Dario are known for and toe the line perfectly between commercial gym climbing and competition setting. You can check out the original Obsidian series review we did on our YouTube page.


So Ill is releasing a large expansion to the highly technical bubbly sloper set the Roids shaped by Jason Kehl. The original Roids have been seen in just about every climbing gym and these sets should also be well received to give routesetters and climbers even more options.


@legacyascension has released a brand new line of holds poured by @compositex called the Sabres which were created by master shaper Louie Anderson. Louie is known for his tens of thousands of shapes and among other things one of the best shapers in our opinion when it comes to edges. The Sabres are no exception to this and are a series of 25 clean and slightly curved edges which remind us of the classic Wafer series he created for @kingdomclimbing. That’s a very good thing.


@egrips has been very busy this month and is releasing not only the brand new aptly named Flower series created by their newest shaper Scott Ossim. This line is clearly named from its flower like petals which were inspired by the idea of creating routes that “looked like flower petals falling gracefully from the sky.” They feature carefully sloping edges which are challenging to grab yet ergonomic to not stress your tendons. @egrips has also released an expansion on some of the 3D rendered shaped by @renderclimbing for both the Mosaic and Sand Dollar series. You will see the original shapes featured here soon on our upcoming review.


@rockcandyholds is based out of Ohio and has been shaping classics for many years now. Recently they have released their new Quarter Wedges Volumes encompassing variable depth quarters of a sphere which has been broken up into different pieces creating endless modular abilities. They are designed to be pushed together, pulled apart, mixed and matched to create endless combinations and with Rock Candy’s comfortable textured surfaces are sure to do just that.


@epusaclimbing is a company based out of Bend, Oregon with @entreprisesclimbing having been a staple in climbing walls and volumes for many years. They have also been creating holds for years as well and are firing on all cylinders in 2022 with many modern shapes. The latest holds are the Treeline series which so far are a set of 24 XS dual texture low profile circular holds with a small useable nub reminiscent of low profile @nicrosclimbing classic feet the ball micros. Here’s hoping they continue this series up through much larger holds. @epusaclimbing also released the Form series which are a series of thin edge Rails and Pinches which look enticingly ergonomic. They are available now through Entreprises USA website.


@nicrosclimbing is a well-known company that has been around a long time and is getting back in the game with a brand new series called the GO-GO Huecos which are shaped by newcomer to the game Gabe Olson (thus the GO-GO part of the name). These huecos remind us in the best way of the classic @climbitholds Huecos series originally shaped by @factorylouie which used to be a staple in any gym. You can look forward to a review of this full line with setting / commentary from shaper Gabe Olson here at @climbingholdnewsreviews in the near future.


@workingclassclimbing has been quiet for a while since being bought by @escapeclimbing but recently has been breaking that silence with the new blocky Granites series shaped by @factorylouie as well as this new series Blue Collar Jugs shaped by as their new excellent addition to the roster of shapers @kminock of freelancing fame. Kegan is known for shaping some of the most ridiculously comfortable jugs on the market, and these will be no exception. Check out their synopsis on the holds on the @escapeclimbing YouTube page.


@decoyholds has been very busy – not only releasing the brand new highly customizable Decoy Board but also dropped the new DT Rollie Bowls shaped by Dan Yagmin which are expansions of the existing hold lines including the minimalist family, dual texture limestone, rollie family and schist family. The Decoy Board offers a high-density layout with signature series sets from within the Decoy hold families such as, Minimalist, Schist, and Rollies, which allows for limitless possibilities for route setting. The Decoy board also offers perfect mirrored symmetry for balanced training and assessing weaknesses. The Decoy Board app allows you the option to set your wall at whatever fixed angle you see fit, as well as the option to install your holds on an adjustable wall.


@toejamholds is a climbing hold company that has been around for a very long time starting out as Toe Jam Holdz in 2013. Previously they were not known for entirely stellar shapes but that has changed in a big way. @christopherlneal of @capitalclimbing has already re-launched the brand with eight new comprehensive lines ranging in planned sizes from footholds to 2XL Now Chris is taking the brand to new heights with Fiberglass Macros with the first shape an awesome sloper / pinch in the Plush line. Stay tuned because a whole lot more is coming soon including additional video content from Climbing Hold News Reviews. @toejamholds is poured by Proxy / Vertical Solutions with the Fiberglass Macros produced by Walltopia in Bulgaria.


@unleashedclimbing is an Australian based company with holds shaped by Will Watkins. Recently UC has released a brand new website featuring five flagship lines. Released this month is are the Smooth Line pockets and XL slots which are a series of Small, Medium and XL two finger pockets which will help routesetters force precision and interesting movements. @unleashedclimbing is now available in North America via distributors @compassclimbing with reviews on both the Rough Line and the Loaves coming soon via CHNR.


@euroholds is a brand that is going through an exciting evolution re-inventing itself and even garnering exciting partnerships with pro-climber legend @adam.ondra. They have also started to pick up American shapers like Joey Jonnsen who has shaped some amazing stuff such as the Sweeps line which are a sick set of Juggy ergonomic Pinches. The Sweeps are now getting their own macros with @euroholds patended Fibertech technology. These holds are available in the USA via @euroholds_usa.


@cornerstoneclimbing is a newer hold company emerging from Canada. The company has been expanding its new lines of holds with shaper Kiefer Burrows at the helm, starting with a focus on smaller shapes but steadily increasing its grips in size with the largest shapes part of an exciting dual texture font series aptly called the Fontainebeans. We told you this was a brand to watch – and the first CHNR videos are lining up and will be filmed soon.


@catalystgrips is based out of Mt. Hood, Oregon and was created by shaper and owner Steven Higdon. Recently the brand has added many experienced shapers such as @andy.nelson.739 of @methodgrips and @christopherlneal of @capitalclimbing to the team. They are also pouring exclusively through @epusa which should be enough to grab your attention. Andy who is known for his extremely comfortable and ergonomic shapes has released his debut line of shapes through Catalyst the Open Jug line. Christopher Neal has further expanded his New Joe’s expansion with the Medium Crimps and Large Jugs which are helping to turn this line into quite the comprehensive set. You will see a review of the New Joe’s series soon only here on CHNR.


@grizzlyholds is based out of Canada and poured at @aragonelastomers and has finished their sophomore year of creating grips. They have recently released their Homewall Set exclusively through the Mountain Equipment Company. This 30-pack includes pinches, jugs, slopers, edges and feet, along with the bolts you need to mount them. The holds are both bolt on / screw on and are designed to fit with the others, giving you endless options to create new and different shapes (or even blockers) on your wall. We think they did a great job on these bread-and-butter shapes that will be at home on any wall.


@stokedclimbingvolumes started out as a ma and pa volume store distributing their volumes initially through ebay, but has come an amazingly long way and now it a staple in most commercial climbing gyms with international distribution on the horizon. If that weren’t enough they now have multiple brands with @stokedclimbing, @stokedclimbingholds, and a distribution company through @magicwooddistribution. This month they have released two different shapes of volumes : the Tri>ad micros which are awesome little mini wood triangles and the Led.ges low which are low profile ledges. Imagine that. Stay tuned for even more good news and goodness from this brand.


@nextholds_na is now available in North America thanks to @magicwooddistribution and is bringing the awesome dual texture macros of @nextclimbing to a climbing gym near you. Released this month are the Cygnus macros which are series of six large low profile dual texture sloping edges. These holds are screw on only so the placement is only limited by the setter’s imagination. These macros are making quite the splash in the competition scene and have already been featured on numerous international stages. Stay tuned for more awesome shapes from this brand including the DT bulbous Antares series and DT spheroid Bootes series.


@kiltergrips has been working to expand their Noah series with two sets of low(ish) profile pinches (L4 pictured top and XL11 second down) and mini jugs (M3 third down) which are comfortable single handed jugs. As with the entire Noah series they will complement the Smooth Tufas, Lo Riders, other Noah holds and per their website “anything curvy and smooth.” They are also releasing more of the Winter Complex series with the L4 slopier stacks (bottom) which will be great options for subtle changes in difficulty when setting with the other Winter slopey Stacks and 90 degree stacks previously released. Stay tuned for even more options to fine tune your routesetting to be released soon.


@petermcdougaldjuhl of @urbanplastix has been focusing on expanding some of his popular lines including the DT Stealth series and the bread / butter Regs. Stealth--UP's popular Dual-tex--gets new Wrapped Lip Huecos (black left) as well as Stealth Jibs – XS Flakes (black middle top). In the Regs family, which are comfortable "regular" holds, the five S13 Jugs (blue top right), four L11 Sloper Jugs (blue bottom right) and XS Nub Feet (bottom middle). There are also other holds not featured here such as the Sloper Jibs and Big Pinches which add to the newest releases that will be sure to please any climber / routesetter. Both @kiltergrips and @urbanplastix DT shapes were recently featured at the Battleship Bounty competition at Climb Whetstone which can be seen here:


@virgingrip is a company based out of the Czech Republic which are made in partnership with a German Partner. They are releasing the brand new Fighters which are a series of twelve large screw on dual texture sloping positive epoxy laminated macros. They are also in complete shiny dual texture rather than positive full texture so as a routesetter you will have complete control where the climber grabs and stands. Stay tuned to see big things from this hold company.


@aixholds is another hold company based out of the Czech Republic and is known for creating absolutely classic holds, macros, volumes and walls which have been featured for years in @ifsclimbing competitions worldwide. They are starting to produce dual texture holds also with the release of the aesthetic Kite series. These are a series of tapered pinches with positive texture where you would expect to grab and a shiny dual texture in the center. There are a total of eight being released each with slightly different nuances to master.


@endureclimbing is a small batch hold company based out of Richmond, VA which has released some awesome series such as the Furrows, Mitts, Ripleys and Pawns all shaped by well known freelance shaper Kegan Minock. There’s an upcoming new family called the Threshers that we’ll have for you next month, but this month we’ve got a look at some classic feet called the Dots. Who doesn’t need more feet. An upcoming review of the Pawns will be featured at CHNR soon.


@cruxagarras is a climbing hold company from Brazil and we’re been watching them for quite some time on their socials. Recently we’ve even seen some of their holds arrive in the USA. So when we saw their new slopey pinch screw on Mamute series we had to reach out. Here’s hoping we’ll get to show you these up close and personal in an upcoming review!


@chapterclimbing is an interesting new brand – it’s very clear they have experienced shapers and connections with their macros and holds being manufactured by @bloczclimbing, but not much more is known yet. What is known is that they are making some killer new modern shapes in both holds as well as fiberglass and dual texture fiberglass such as the DT Shallows pictured here. This is a series of seven very large DT macros which are screw on only with a flange on the outside of the grabbable surface area. Look for them to show up in the US soon as @bloczdistribution has been announced as their distributor.


@vertical_solutions / Habit climbing has released their signature series of volumes, named Kurt, Kenneth and Rumsy. We don’t know why they are called these names, but it might be an inside joke. Maybe. Regardless they are beautiful wood volumes engineered to modern standards from one of the leaders of the climbing industry. These volumes are made of the signature Baltic birch panels that make up their signature Diamond Patterned walls. They are clear finished with natural wood grain and are triangular in nature. Now available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.


@morphoholds is a well-known climbing hold brand from Slovenia founded in 2014 and is now available in the USA thanks to @solostileclimbing. This month they are releasing many interesting dual texture macros such as the Splitters and Edgies. The Splitters are aesthetic DT split half spheres while the Edgies are positive DT clean and comfortable macros. The same shapes are also available in full texture if you want the same great grip without the slip.

Check out for even more updates and new releases on a weekly basis. Thanks for joining us! We’ll see you next month!

Also if you are a hold brand and you'd like to know how to get involved please DM @climbingholdnewsreviews us or email us at today!

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