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CHNR Monthly Wrap - January 2021

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

It's a brand-new year here in 2021 at Climbing Hold News Reviews, and we all sure hope we leave 2020 in the dust! You may have noticed we have branched off from CBJ and will now be bringing you the latest new climbing holds / training equipment like only we can do. We will also be continuing to announce and bring you exclusive reviews tested by other routesetters on our exclusive new @kumikiclimbing / @everlastclimbing walls walls with adjustable angles. Stay tuned!


@atomikclimbingholds is coming off of an insanely busy and productive season in 2020 and is now coming back with new shapes. Recently released are the expansions to the redesigned Golfus line shaped by Randyl Nielson. Included in these releases are two more sets of Golfus edges comprising shallow, neutral and deep varieties – now 15 holds in total. There are also the five medium Golfus Pinches and five large Golfus Slopers and the five large Golfus Rails. Two additional Golfus polyurethane volumes are in production in addition to the one already available – just search Golfus volumes on their website. Did we mention all orders are now shipping within one to five business days? Now that’s fast. The variety of holds in this set is quite expansive and we can’t wait to share them in a review with you in our new walls soon.


@teknikhandholds based out of Canada is poured at Aragon Elastomers and has been a force in the climbing hold industry for quite some time. Known for their smooth, clean shapes they have done it again with musically named new lines. The Trill line are accessible crimps that are just over a half pad deep while the Alto line are medium, positive edges for building finger endurance. The Forte 1 and 2 sets feature large and incut, comfortable edges with tapered footprints. The Overspikes are large oversized versions of the classic Spikes footholds. And lastly the Coda series which is shaper Seth’s favorite of the bunch features incut little edges that “grab you right back,” which will soon be featured on CHNR media at all the angles.


@flathold has released their new unique Lucha Libre line which is a dual texture line representing “holds with a thousand masks.” This was the brainchild of shaper Manuel Hassler in pursuing new expressions of dual texture after collaborating in 2018 with Laurent Laporte of Cheeta Holds. The result is a combination of seemingly simple shapes with texture that will keep you paying attention. These are poised for launch in North America as of March 1st, 2021. Check out the newly redesigned website to see all the shapes.


@rockcandyholds is based out of Ohio and has been shaping classics for many years now. Recently they have released their new Dual Texture Blockus holds encompassing spheres which have been broken up into different pieces creating endless modular abilities. They draw a similarity between @kumikiclimbing pies but these distinguish themselves by adding slots and rails / pinches. Regardless they are designed to be pushed together, pulled apart, mixed and matched to create endless combinations.


@legacyascension has released a brand new line of holds called the Subtle Stones which are shaped by master shaper Louie Anderson. Louie is known for his tens of thousands of shapes and bringing a natural rock feel into the indoors and there is probably no one who does it better. The Subtle Stones are no exception to this and will help you recreate your projects inside so you can get outside to crush.


@bloczclimbing is based in Chemnitz, Germany, and has recently released the Boomerang wooden volume holds that come in Mini, Big, and Mega Boomerang sizes in 70, 90, and 110-degree angles (referring to the inside angles of the volumes) and are designed to be mirror images of one another. They have also released the Pinches 2.0 wooden volume holds which are six different pinches with a lot of angles to work with, that will have your hands turning into vice grips to stay on the wall. @bloczclimbing macros and volumes are distributed exclusively by @bloczdistribution in the United States.


@rockcityclimbingholds is a UK based company and an official producer of climbing holds, macros and volumes for @ifscclimbing and an official supplier of the #tokyo2020 Olympics. They have recently released the Dual Texture Basic Jugs which feature six different holds with big sloping textured lips, followed by a smooth tapered dual texture below. We have noticed their products showing up in more commercial climbing gyms and the @usa_tc which surely has something to do with @bloczdistribution being their official distributor in the United States.


@cheetaholds is a European based company and has been shaping and producing climbing holds for over twenty years. As a certified @ifscclimbing brand you have undoubtedly seen their holds, macros and volumes in many international climbing events such as World Cups and soon the Olympic Games 2021. @cheetaholds has recently released their Ball Volumes sets in the US which feature stackable / customizable wooden volumes featuring the original design. They are now being made in the USA and sold by @premiumclimbingholds who also distributes their holds and macros.


@kiltergrips is based out of Boulder, Colorado and is poured at @aragonelastomers and @compositex. In January they released a slew of new grips including the Sandstone Complex Brushed 2XL Jugs, 3 sets of Sandstone Complex Brushed Jib Slopers / Blockers, the Sandstone Brushed Edges, Brushed Incuts and Rounded Incuts, Complex Medium Puffy Incuts, Medium Crisper Incuts as well as according Brushed Blocker Jibs (available in full sets or separate) – all pictured in green. It also saw the release of the Ho Dunes Large Jugs sets 2 and 3. New Granite Complex Blocky Incuts and Medium Raised Edges also saw the light of day. Finally to round out a hefty release month there were two new Smooth Tuga Center and End Piece Incut Directional Hueco’s released.


@stokedclimbingholds has released the first sets in a brand new endeavor called the Shaper Party Project! The Shaper Party Project is simple. Ten of some of the best climbing hold shapers in the industry creating a unique set of 10 to 20 new screw-on grips each month. Now available in Louie's 12 Pack, 8 Ball Pack (Edges / Crimps only), 4 Mini Jugs and Louie's Fully Stoked Pack (All 12 Grips with 3 S-12 @stokedclimbingvolumes Triad Volumes). These hold are perfect for home walls and commercial gyms alike. Play with them solo or mix them up with some @stokedclimbingvolumes for endless fun.


@cornerstoneclimbing is a newer hold company emerging from Canada. The company has been expanding its new lines of holds, starting with a focus on smaller shapes but steadily increasing its grips in size. Shaper Kiefer Burrows has released several new sets, including the full Patchwork series extra small to large which is a series of variable sized and depth textured pinches (shown here in green), as well as the new extra small and small Moues series which is a line of lipped out jugs (shown in blue), and who could forget the tasty 2XL havoc (in black). We told you this was a brand to watch – and the first CHNR videos are lining up and will be filmed soon.


@endureclimbing is a newer hold company based out of Richmond, VA. They exploded onto the homewall and commercial gym scene last year releasing the popular font-inspired Furrows from freelance shaper Kegan Minock, in addition to their classic Meddlers, Vanguards, Slabbers, Teacups and Knobs. They are now continuing their releases with Kegan’s new line the Mitts – starting out with ten medium and large positive, ergonomic clean jugs. Who doesn’t love jugs?

https ://


@driftlessholds is a small batch hold company based out of Stoughton, Wisconsin (Go Pack, Go)! They have recently released several new lines of “old school,” small holds such as the Chalk1Up 90’s large edge and medium pinch / crimp sets (both shown in black) as well as the mirror image Scapula medium crimps (shown in green). We expect to see more good things from them in the future.

Check out for even more updates and new releases on a daily / weekly basis. Thanks for joining us! We’ll see you next month!

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