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CHNR Weekly Wrap 05.24.20 - 06.14.20

It's been a turbulent couple of weeks in America as social change is underway and a brighter future is ahead. We went silent on our Weekly Wrap as new holds are nothing new in importance compared to what is going on around the world. But as the change is happening across the nation, as the Circus industry says "the show must go on," and so here we are with new holds to keep your climbing psych alive!


  • Robinhood Climbing Co.

@robinhood_climbing_co is a newer company based out of Ohio which has released 3 brand new sets. The Waves (shown in black) are a series of plate-like positive ridged edges which feature 10 in the small and 10 in the medium size shaped by @heywoodbd formerly of Pur Climbing. Jugs for Jugs is a set of 5 variably positive round jugs and a special incut ribbon hold which were shaped by the Mad Scientist @andy.nelson.739. The profits of this set are going to a great cause as they will be donated anonymously to a family in need and then after 6 months will go to the Susan G. Coleman foundation for a cure for breast cancer.

  • Bluepill Climbing

@bluepillclimbing is releasing a set of 8 huge wooden multi-plane volumes which have a left and right mirror image of one another. They are named the Good Wings and the Bad Wings and their namesake comes from the Good set having more positive angles and the Bad set less positive angles for grabbing. They have been made specifically with screw on holds in mind to adjust difficulty of climbing.

  • Ibex Holds

@ibex_climbing_holds has released several sets of brand new @compositex polyurethane crack-like holds which are expansions of the new Alpha range shaped by Dario Stefanou. The Alpha Crack Positive is a set of 4 bolt-on / screw-on jugs / edges and the Alpha Crack Negative is a series of 4 puzzle-piece screw-on blockers that fit perfectly with each hold making a total of 8 holds. @ibex_climbing_holds is distributed by @compassclimbing in the United States and Canada.

  • Endure Climbing

@endureclimbing has released an expansion to the Meddler series, making it a grand total of 32 holds. The series now includes the original Meddlers basic shapes but also contains new jugs and edges shaped by Stephen Chafee. Stay tuned as we will be not only reviewing these holds but also have a special surprise announcement which is coming soon!

  • Post Holds

@postholds is a Canadian company distributed by @holdemporium , is releasing many new screw-on sets on their website which have been shaped by professional climbing coach Matt Chapman and Ethan Salvo. Several sets got our attention including the Block Heads which are blocking edges, the Credit Crimps which are thin smooth crimps, the Real Rocks which are thin crimps with rock-like texture and the Hatchlings which are a set of jibs made for volumes or slab climbing.

  • Holdz Climbing

@holdz_climbing is a UK based company that has been around for 20 years and has been very busy with the Covid-19 Quarantine as their holds shaped by Steve Goodair are being shipped all over the UK for gyms and homewalls alike. They are releasing 300 new shapes poured by @compositex in dannomond and if the early shapes are a good indication, there is a lot to be excited about.


  • Under Blue Hold

@masaki.yasuda is the mastermind behind Under Blue Hold which is a rarely spoken company coming from Japan. We have recently received word that Under Blue Hold is pouring through @compositex in dannomond which means these coveted holds and macros should be widely available soon.


  • Post Holds

@postholds is also releasing a Monster of a hangboard. The Monster Board is designed for climbers to build "monster finger strength," and features a variety of edges on a large but compact board. There are 14 edges clearly labeled ranging from 5 mm to 35 mmm in depth. There are also three single edges designed for one arm hangs or offset training. And since this board was designed by professional climbing coach Matt Chapman, we're sure it's going to deliver. Look for video reviews on CHNR soon.

That's all we've got for you this week folks, but check out if you missed our May 2020 CBJ Monthly Wrap Up which you'll find only on @climbingjournal. Also Grip List 2020 will be released in a week or two so get sToKed on that!

Thanks for joining us as always! See you next week and stay psyched!

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