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CHNR Weekly Wrap 06.15.20 - 06.21.20

This week brought several major announcements / new releases from prominent climbing hold companies! Let's dive in!


  • Menagerie Climbing

@mengerieclimb 's website was updated this week with a preview of things to come including the long awaited sister company @formik_climb as well as the release of the German made @bloczclimbing Torso and Voidbringer fiberglass macros. The Torso macros are high profile artistic stalactites in design and appear approachable for all grades. The Voidbringer macros however are more subtle, sloping and bulbous fiberglass macros which will challenge any climber in the gym or in competitions.

  • Flathold Climbing

@flathold has officially released their new unique Lucha Libre line which is a dual texture line representing "holds with a thousand masks." This was the brainchild of shaper Manuel Hassler in pursuing new expressions of dual texture after collaborating in 2018 with Laurent Laporte of @cheetaholds. The result is a combination of seemingly simple shapes with texture that will keep you paying attention while climbing. @flathold has also released the Golden Leaves and Borderline macros and describes them respectively as "the duality between two shapers" which has created interesting half egg shapes and "simple and fundamentally functional" simple ledges. Check out the new redesigned @flathold website to see all the new shapes.

  • Bleaustone Holds

@bleaustoneholds is a UK based company that is well known for recreating the feeling of climbing outdoors comfortably on indoor shapes. They have recently redesigned their popular Fontainebleau Nano Jugs which has now been reshaped to fit in the hand more comfortably and also features a counter-rotation setscrew hole. This is a series of 20 medium sized holds which will be positive on all wall angles and are designed to help push beginner and intermediate climbers on steeper wall angles into harder grades.

  • Max Holds

@max.holds is a Iran based climbing hold company which is slowly making its debut across the world with highly unique shapes in polyurethane / macros. The unique and aptly named dual texture Stumps Family has recently been expanded into a larger size. It's only a matter of time before we see these in more gyms so get on board now as their 2020 catalog promises to be extremely eye catching.


  • Formik Holds

@formik_climb is the sister hold company of @menagerieclimb but will soon be making a name for itself with an official release / announcement regarding their new shapes. What we know so far is they will have a killer line of polyurethane shapes poured by @vertical_solutions / Proxy as well as wooden volumes and macros from @bloczclimbing. With @andy_raether at the helm and rumors of @dawoods89 being involved there's bound to be amazing things coming.

  • Ibex Climbing Holds

@ibex_climbing_holds shared a with us a brand new experimental hold family called Tufa Garden. It is an ambitious and futuristic line of screw-on only dual texture shapes with the classic matte DT that shaper Dario Stefanou is known for. There is an initial planned release of 36 holds which promises to take dual texture to another level while also promising to keep the comfort for which @ibex_climbing_holds is known.

  • Virgin Grip

@virgingrip is a Czech Republic based company which is gaining traction worldwide. You may have seen their Dual Surface line previously. They are releasing a new line soon called the Base Lines which is a 52 shape set designed by @jan.caj featuring a set of classic appearing slopers and edges.

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