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CHNR Weekly Wrap 06.22.20 - 06.28.20

It's starting to heat up for both the summer and the new climbing holds / training equipment that is coming out! It looks like it's gonna be a hot one from both angles!


  • Atomik Climbing Holds

@atomikclimbingholds is coming off of an insanely busy and productive season with Covid-19, having record sales and is now coming back with new shapes. Recently released are the fun individual, 3-pack or 5-pack leaves which are kid friendly and perfect for fall featuring the following leaves - Maple, Oak, Poplar, Birch and Aspen Leaf jugs. Recently they have also released the simple 10-pack rounders which are rounded crimps to pull on as well as a brand new arrow shaped down-climbing jug. You can never have too many down-climbing jugs, just ask our knees.

  • Capital Climbing

@capitalclimbing has been fairly quiet recently, but they did pop out the new screw-on Swoops, shaped by owner Christopher Neal, which are sloping jibs suited well for slab or volume climbing. Stay tuned because these guys routinely dish up some awesome stuff and we have a feeling we'll see more soon.

  • Rock City Climbing Holds

@rockcityclimbingholds is a company based out of the UK but has recently been confirmed to be distributed by @bloczdistribution in the United States, so you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon. @rockcityclimbingholds is an official producer of climbing holds, macros and volumes for the @ifsc and an official supplier of volumes / macros to the postponed #tokyo2020 @olympics. Recently they have announced the Basic series which include the Basic Edge Pairs shown above. These are holds which can be used to block or create seams with shiny dual texture on the outside surface which will combine to create intense focused climbing. Pay attention.

  • Satellite Climbing

@satelliteclimbing is a hold company based out of Japan which has been gaining traction across the world. Recently they have been confirmed to be distributed by Enrico Baistrocchi's new @solostileclimbinglab and we are psyched to see them land in the US. They have just released an expansion to the futuristic looking Toron line which features mainstay shapes such as jugs, pinches, dishes, slopers and huecos. Look for these holds in your gym soon.


  • Magus Holds

Speaking of Japan, @__magus_holds__ who we featured in one of our earliest reviews has released a brand new Simple Training Board and a bat shaped Crazy Training Board. These boards feature a combination of jugs, slopers, deep and shallow pockets of variable depths and are made out of polyurethane resin. We're being sent both for review so keep watch for those videos. We're pretty sure even Batman would be jealous. Watch out for more new interesting holds from these guys as well - they just keep getting better and better.

  • The Vola

@the.vola is a company based out of Thailand specializing in Climbing Training Equipment but they also have a large selection of wooden dual texture, single texture holds and volumes. Recently they have released 3 training sets ranging from Small (30 holds), Medium (44 holds) and Large (51 holds) which are all wooden and range from jugs, crimps, pinches, rails to pockets so you can train without having to worry about your skin being lost. These holds feature both screw-on and bolt-on options and will be a great accessory to any wall or hangboard station.

Thanks for joining us as always! See you next week and stay psyched!

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