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CHNR Weekly Wrap 05.03 - 05.09.20

As the world continues to deal with COVID-19 and quarantine timelines are being lifted we are starting to see more new releases from climbing hold companies! This week we've got some super cool stuff for you.


  • Megalith Climbing

@megalithclimbing is a new hold company from Salt Lake City, UT who is being poured by @vertical_solutions / Proxy. They are debuting with small shapes in 3 families, the Exo, Flow and Hewn series. Per their website the Flow series utilizes a subtle dual texture to give the look and feel of wet, rivulet worn limestone. The Exo series features striking dual textures in an ergonomic, organic shape that draws its inspiration from living creatures and the Hewn seires features intense, true to life detail of ancient limestone weathered around the edges for an organic and ergonomic experience. Call us excited. A review should be heading your way soon.


  • Decoy Holds

@decoyholds has dropped 13 new sets which are expansions of the existing lines including the minimalist family, dual texture limestone, rollie family and schist family (reviews coming soon). The new releases include all the types of holds you could dream of including deep jugs, crimps, dual texture stumps, huge pinches, screw on edges and more. Stay tuned for more, they are on fire and we heard they aren't even done yet.

  • Ibex Holds

@ibex_climbing_holds is releasing the Alpha range shaped by Dario Stefanou which consists of a growing range including 35 sets of 209 unique holds. 20 sets of 117 holds are PE (Polyester) and 15 sets of 92 holds are PU (Polyurethane Dannomond) though there are plans to continue expanding this family into 2020 and 2021. The expansive family includes jugs, pinches, slopers, edges, crimps, pocket and foot holds) in all sizes from extra small to Giga holds. They will be available soon through @compassclimbing owned by Mark Bradley who is the distributor for @ibex_climbing_holds and @thrillseekerholds in the United States and Canada.

  • Mimic Holds

@mimicholds is owned and operated by Clayton and Cole Hardacre, using 3D scanning and 3D printing to replicate real outdoor rock climbs. The two brothers founded the company in 2018 and have developed technologies that use the 3D printing approach to meet the quality standards of modern climbing holds. A select number of sets are available now, with many more available soon, including an exclusive review by CHNR! Here is a look at the brand new Red River Gorge pocket set - makes us miss that delightful taste of Miguel's pizza after a long day at the crag.

  • Bluepill Climbing

@bluepillclimbing are we seeing things? This delightful rainbow version of the Fiber Impressions produced by @bloczclimbing are a special order by their friend and longtime customer @walterfritzenergie! Which makes us ask the question, is this the future?


  • Method Grips

@methodgrips has been feeling the strain of COVID-19 like everyone else, but in the middle of the darkness comes a ray of light with two new series being debuted along with a nice home wall sale. The first appears to be a new sleek dual texture family shared by owner and shaper @andy.nelson.739 on their recent instagram and the second, well we can't say too much about that yet. All in good time friends, all in good time.


  • Rustam Climbing

@rustamclimbing is no stranger to climbing and training hard being that their wooden training equipment has been specifically designed by climbing expert and IFSC World Cup winner Rustam Gelmanov. Their latest offering, Duonio, is a beautiful hanging two finger suspension apparatus to help train two finger pull ups. Well, from the original creator of the beast mode Monik, that sounds better to us weaklings than mono pull ups so we're on board!

  • Breadhouse Climbing

@breadhouseclimbing is a young startup that was born in Montreal, Canada just a few weeks ago during the COVID-19 Quarantine. The merged expertise and passion of its creators, two engineering students and avid climbers, enabled the design of this versatile climbing tool, named the Pretzel. The name Breadhouse Climbing comes from the climbing club in their living room (read: home bouldering wall) and the infinite supply of bread that their roommate is constantly making. Combining the two was essential, and who doesn’t like bread. The Pretzel is a carefully designed, handmade training tool for the space-constrained climber. Precisely carved from a single block of solid wood, its optimized hexagonal shape contains over 50 different grip options. The Pretzel can be used for a lightweight warmup option at the crag, as a mounted hangboard at home or used to lift weights. The package includes a pair of mirror hexes made out of softwood or hardwood with 2 meters of pre-tied cord for an easy setup. A giveaway in partnership with CHNR is coming soon.

  • Danger Buddies Gear

@dangerbuddiesgear is your partner in adventure – from on-wall camera bags to at-home hangboards. Born out of a collaboration with Adventure Rock (Wisconsin’s premier climbing gym where Dr. Z received his earliest lessons in routesetting). While the gym is currently closed due to COVID-19, this training board comes with a complete training program developed by Adventure Rock. Adventure Rock coaches ensured the design of this board would provide challenging workouts regardless of your climbing level. We even integrated a phone holder so you can follow along with Adventure Rock’s videos, and recessed hangers so you can build counterweights for using the tougher holds, do assisted pull-ups, or even work on rope skills. There’s no substitute for a great climbing partner, but with the BuddyBoard, you’ll be stronger and more prepared when adventure returns. A review is forthcoming - don't tell anyone but we heard something about a giveaway also.

Thanks for joining us as always! See you next week and stay psyched!

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