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CHNR Weekly Wrap 05.10 - 05.16.20

Updated: May 17, 2020

It's a bittersweet week in the Climbing Industry in the US. This was supposed to be the week of the @climbingwallassociation Summit Conference 2020. We should have been hanging out, touching holds and enjoying beverages. We should have been setting at @woodenmtngym with Heel Hook Harry, while instead most of us are still locked up at home. There is a silver lining which is that many of the holds that were supposed to be debuting at this conference are starting to trickle out and they look better than ever. Also the annual Grip List will debut from @climbingjournal next week with cooperation from @gripgeek and @climbingholdnewsreviews, so there still is a lot to which to look forwards!


  • Method Grips

@methodgrips announces the latest family of holds shaped by owner @andy.nelson.739 which are called the Moesjin line (pronounced Mo-GIN pictured in lime green) which roughly translates in Korean to "slick." They have also announced the latest family offering from master shaper @factorylouie with the Stratum line (pictured in standard green) which is a series of positive holds ranging from incut crimps to double hand roof jugs that are so realistic you'll forget you're climbing inside.

  • Decoy Holds

@decoyholds released an exclusive with @climbingholdnewsreviews when they launched their Waimea Pinches. These are a series of 3 pinches which are very details in nuanced in terms of finding the best place to hold. They are a welcome addition to the ever expanding Schist series which includes edges, crimps, ledges, screw ons, features and pinches thus far.

  • Mimic Holds

@mimicholds is owned and operated by Clayton and Cole Hardacre, using 3D scanning and 3D printing to replicate real outdoor rock climbs. The two brothers founded the company in 2018 and have developed technologies that use the 3D printing approach to meet the quality standards of modern climbing holds. A select number of sets are available now, with many more available soon, including an exclusive review by CHNR! We shared a preview of this last week but here is a closet look at the Red River Gorge pocket set - makes us miss that delightful taste of Miguel's pizza after a long day at the crag.

  • Giant Grips

@giantgrips is a South Korean company who has some very interesting lines available. They are releasing a total of 15 new sets which includes 6 sets of the aesthetic cube line, and 9 sets of the slopey organic jug line. We are psyched to see what else these guys do and hopefully bring you a review in the near future.


  • Pusher Holds

@pusherholds has been relatively quiet in the last year, with the exception of an explosive limited edition set that literally sold out within a few hours. They are gearing up to release a whole slew of holds from @compositex and we're just starting to see sneak peaks at them like this Joes Valley dual texture s pinches set which will be out soon! We can't wait to see more from the classic shaper @jaredroth82, as their most recent post says "we're back."


  • Upah Holds

@upah_holds is a new climbing brand based in Portugal which specialized in designing and manufacturing polyurethane holds. They have recently released The Hangboard which has the sleek designed appearance of a capsule. It is described on their website as a simple yet effective fingerboard with nice slopers on the top with 2 sets of small half-pad crimps, 1set of full-pad crimps and two single bigger edges for one arm hangs. That´s right, no jugs! This board is designed to get you stronger.

  • Magus Holds

@__magus_holds__ is a Japanese company which has made some very cool holds some of which we have previously featured and reviewed. Here is the debut of their Magus Tab Hangboard which is a stylish board in the clever shape of a bat similar to their logo. We don't know much about this board yet but it sure looks cool.

Thanks for joining us as always! See you next week and stay psyched!

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