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CHNR Weekly Wrap 05.17 - 05.23.20

This week marked the launch of the @climbingjournal annual Grip List and although it is not a normal year with Covid-19 going on, we are still excited to support the Grip List encouraging people to vote with a Giveaway with some classic holds and swag bags! Check out @climbingholdnewsreviews for the details. We can't wait to see the results!


  • Pusher Holds

@pusherholds is a climbing hold company that has been in the game for a long time. Most recently the biggest change is that they are now being poured out of @compositex and are gearing up for some major releases with the latest offering being the Dual Texture Joe's Valley line. First up they have released the photos for the Joes Screw Ons DT, Joes Crimp #1 DT, Joes Pinches DT and many more to follow. Stay tuned to CHNR and we'll make sure you don't miss them.


  • Grizzly Holds

@grizzlyholds is based out of Canada and poured at @aragonelastomers and is entering their sophomore year of being a brand. They have recently released their new series of Dual Texture screw-ons named the Microbes family. These holds have started showing up already on social media on Home Walls less than 1 week after their release so we think they are going to be quite popular. Speaking of popular, this brand won the People's Choice category on the @climbingjournal Grip List 2019. You'll be seeing upcoming videos of their Tectonic Plates and Glaciers family with CHNR in the near future.

  • Robinhood Climbing Co.

@robinhood_climbing_co has released a quick addition to their Wimple line created by shaper @andy.nelson.739 who owns @methodgrips. Presenting the XL Wimples which look totally jugular. This is a series of 5 additional holds to the existing L, M, and S sizes. Rumor has it this series has some larger expansions including a feature which will be coming soon. Also be sure to check out their brand new website.


  • Satellite Climbing

@satellite_climbingapp is releasing what appears to be a customizable training board called the Satellite Finger Board which looks like it means business. We are spotting crimps at 15 mm, 10 mm and 5 mm as well as pinches, jugs, a central sloper and ... monos! This is clearly not your basic hangboard and is designed to make you strong. Contact @solostileclimbinglab which is handling distribution in the US for more information.

  • Camp 4 Fingerz

@camp4fingerz has released the aptly and fun named Burrito which actually comes packaged in tin foil like a ... burito! This is a novel product which is being made both in plastic and wooden version. It comes with a cordellette which can change what angle you are pulling on, giving you full access to depth edges ranging from 7 mm to 20 mm, 3 pinch options, slopers and jugs. The Burrito is versatile, portable and fun as hell. We are big fans of all things burrito, so when they asked us to review this product we couldn't resist. Stay tuned, it's coming soon.

That's all we've got for you this week folks, but stay tuned as we've got one more Weekly before our CBJ Monthly Wrap Up which you'll find only on @climbingjournal. Also don't forget to particpate in the Grip List 2020 as both @climbingjournal and @climbingholdnewsreviews will be giving away prizes! Vote and let your voice be heard!

Thanks for joining us as always! See you next week and stay psyched!

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