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Stoked Climbing Rentals Interview

Do you want to rent Climbing Holds and Volumes?

Hey guys and gals! Today we’ve got an exclusive interview lined up featuring a ground breaking idea from SToKedclimbing and sToKedclimbingvolumes you may have heard about: RENTING holds and volumes.

CHNR : Travis! You are a busy, busy man my friend! Between building amazing state of the art volumes, managing a family, you have also proposed a mind blowing idea which could change the game for climbing gyms and hold companies! So without further ado lets get to it!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! “My name is Travis Williams and I run along with my wife, Kimberly Williams a start up company called @stokedclimbing. We started out from humble beginnings in California but have somewhat recently moved to Missouri where we now create and supply volumes and soft goods to many major gyms and home walls.”

2. I used to see your volumes for sale on e-bay or and there were several times when I almost pulled the trigger, lol. We have recently done some promotional work together with the contest to name your new Transformer volumes. “Ha, yeah, we don’t really have our volumes for sale through those websites any more, just through our main site at Yeah man! We enjoyed that contest with you and saw a ton of involvement. Local internet climbing celebrity Samuel Van Boxtel ended up winning several of our tri-hard volumes which he said he was very stoked about.”

3. Alright lets get down to business. You have proposed a very new and hot idea for the climbing community which ultimately is renting climbing holds and volumes. Where did this idea come from? “I started out climbing at a very small climbing gym with limited access to holds and volumes. Storage was also ultimately a problem because we didn’t have room to store a ton of products. From my experience I thought up an idea. What if gyms didn’t have to buy ALL of their holds and volumes but could rent some of them… from us! I played around a lot with the specifics and then started contacting hold companies which were completely on board.”

4. So what is the goal of this program? I have so many questions. “This program is not meant to replace a gyms hold budget but will supplement it by allowing gyms to rent holds and volumes with stuff they can’t normally afford. We are providing the entire line of holds including large features, ect. At an up front rental cost. This will allow gyms to try out different holds they might not normally purchase and if they like them we will arrange purchase at wholesale with the hold companies. In addition if they like the volumes they can purchase these directly from us. If they do not purchase the volumes we will collect them back and repair minimal damage, retexture them, ect.”

5. How often will gyms get new holds and who is supplying them? “Currently the plan is to replace holds for gyms in the program every 3 months. One benefit is also that we will clean the holds after pickup so gyms will not have to focus on this manpower. We are aiming to focus on commercial gyms at first but I have already received interest from many home wall owners. Our companies supplying the holds are all well known hold companies such as Capital Climbing, Escape Climbing, Thrive Climbing Grips, Enix Climbing and Kilter Climbing Grips.”

6. Those are some big names! How many lines will be available at first? “The current plan is to have 3 full lines available from each company for a total of 15 lines at launch. We may eventually add in more companies depending on success and interest.”

7. As a routesetter I think this will be a very effective way of keeping the psych high and who doesn’t love new holds! “Exactly! I think it will also challenge gyms, routesetters and their clientele to set and climb on holds in a different style that they normally may not which will improve the overall experience and climber’s ability. Additionally, I think this is a huge advantage to the increasing number of youth competition climbers. There is definitely something to be said to knowing the holds that may be in competitions ahead of time.”

8. We’re psyched and think this will only contribute to more people being excited about holds which is what we are all about at Climbing Hold News Reviews! “Awesome! That’s great because I have a sneaking suspicion we may be lining up some future work together In addition to the Transformers volume review!”

9. Mums the word. “Exactly.”

10. Last question. What gets you stoked about your business? “New shapes. Without a doubt, I love making new volumes that haven’t been designed or made before. Stay tuned as we have lots of new ideas in the pipeline.”

Thanks for joining us Travis! We are super excited to see how this plays out and if it’s anything like we think it will be, it will be a game changer for everyone.

Check out the full program and available holds in the membership as well as pricing, ect. at

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